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photo of farmhouse napkin tray on kitchen counter

~White Napkin Holder~

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Customer Reviews

Love this cute napkin holder!

The napkin holder is well constructed, nice corner seams and paint job. The dangle is heavy which makes it feel like quality. Actually, I will use this for napkins but also for other things. It is so cute and simplistic. I needed something to hold our vitamin bottles on my kitchen counter so I remember to take them. Multipurpose love that! The napkin holder came in a nice box with the company logo, which would be great if I was giving it for a gift.


A cute multipurpose napkin holder

This cute white square wooden box could be used for napkins or any other table decor. I will use it for napkins but could also be used to hold salt & pepper or other condiments. Also, the latest artificial cactus would look nice in these boxes on a table or shelf. Just need imagination!
Would buy it again.


5 out of 5 stars

It's a charming addition, has character and just what I needed.


~Paper Towel Tray~

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Customer Reviews

Super cute for hand towels or to organize odds and ends on bathroom counter.

I bought this for Thanksgiving to store "The Fancy Towels for Guests Only!" and it's way cuter than I HUSBAND even complimented it WITHOUT ME ASKING! And this is a man who never notices when I get my hair done or come from a fresh visit to the esthetician. So yeah, it's cute. After the holidays, I'll remove the towels and save them for next time (I bought 200, they're also nice and fit perfectly) and put makeup etc in it.


Love It!

Looks just like the picture. It’s well made I love it and I love it on my bathroom sink wash your hands dry with one of those and throw away.. no more rolls of paper towels and a hand towel on my sink.. now I have this little beauty to charm it up!


I love it!

This holder is beautiful and elegant. In this day and age of Covid, many guests are not comfortable using a hand towel. I had this out for the holidays and got many compliments. They wanted to know where I bought it. I also purchased a good quality paper guest towel. This beats a roll of paper towels in your bathroom.


~Cotton Rope Baskets~

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